Virtual Poster Expo – FAQs

‘Poster’ refers to the academic poster that visually presents your research. For the purposes of the Virtual Poster Expo, the posters will be provided and shared in pdf format. 

‘Text Abstract’ refers to the narrative text submitted to CNS before the January 31, 2021 abstract deadline or the late-breaking March 8, 2021 deadline.  It is the same text that is published in the journal of APNM.

'Virtual Poster Expo' refers to the online forum that CNS has established to showcase posters/abstracts at the 2021 Virtual Annual Conference. The Virtual Poster Expo is an opportunity for authors to showcase their work in a virtual format.

1. If I submit an abstract to CNS for the 2021 Virtual Annual Conference, is it mandatory that I/we participate in the Virtual Poster Expo?

Yes – if you submit an abstract and it is accepted, you will be required to participate in the Virtual Poster Expo. CNS has organized this Virtual Poster Expo opportunity to offer a forum to profile research in a virtual poster presentation format. 


2. Do I need to share a Poster, or can I just use the Text Abstract that was originally submitted to CNS?

All participants will be required to upload a PDF version of the Poster as part of the Virtual Poster Expo. Participating authors are also required to provide a 50-word description of the Poster that will be displayed, along with the author(s) information (which was provided during the original abstract submission). This description provides an introduction/ summary of your Poster for the viewer to scan before they go further. 

Sample view of .pdf poster as shown in the Virtual Poster Expo:



Optional: Authors also have the opportunity to upload a link to a YouTube or Vimeo video presentation (3-minute maximum) of the poster content.

3. How do I indicate my/our interest to participate or decline the opportunity to participate?

An email will be sent to all accepted abstract authors by mid-March 2021 that will outline the opportunity and will ask the author to accept, or decline, the participation invitation.  Authors must accept the invitation by the deadline stated in the invitation.  Authors will have a minimum of 4 weeks - until April 18, 2021 - to upload their materials.  Please see more details at #7 below.

4. How long will the Virtual Poster Expo be available for viewing?

The Virtual Poster Expo will be launched on April 21, 2021 and will be live through May 15, 2021.  The participating abstracts will also be published in the journal of APNM* in the spring of 2021. The link to the APNM published abstracts will remain on the CNS website after the Virtual Poster Expo has closed, as per normal process each year. These abstracts can be accessed by CNS members at

Note: Late-breaking abstracts will not be published in APNM.

5. Is there a cost to participate in the Virtual Poster Expo?

The cost to submit an abstract is $35.00CDN. This amount covers the publication fee to APNM and the Virtual Expo Portal development. There is no additional cost to participate. 


6. If I decline the opportunity to participate in the Virtual Poster Expo, will my abstract still be published in APNM?

All accepted abstracts that are published in APNM are required to participate in the Virtual Poster Expo. 

7. When will I be required to upload my Poster?

A custom link to each author's abstract portal will be embedded within their participation invitation. From this portal, authors will be asked to upload their .pdf poster (mandatory) and a 50-word description (mandatory).  Authors also have the option to upload a link to a YouTube or Vimeo video presentation (3-minute maximum) of the poster content. Authors will have until April 18, 2021 to upload their materials. Authors can return to their unique abstract portal multiple times to edit their materials before the April 18, 2021 due date. We encourage you to bookmark the link when received to allow you to easily return to your portal. 

8. What are the technical specifications for the Poster?
9. Will visitors be able to download our poster?

Yes - Posters are downloaded to the visitor’s computer to enable them to view in their browser window. They also have the ability to take screen shots of the Poster when viewing. 

Authors can include a copyright statement on poster before uploading.  Insert a statement on your poster, such as:
Publishing Date: May 2020. © 2020. All rights reserved. Copyright rests with the author. No part of this abstract/poster may be reproduced without written permission from the author.


10. Is it possible to configure a Poster to prevent copying, editing, and printing?

Yes, if authors prefer to include a Poster for viewing only and protect it from being edited, copied or printed**, these .pdf settings can be configured by the author before uploading the poster. 


STEP 1 - Download the Adobe Reader DC (free) software:  

STEP 2 - Follow instructions for Restrict printing, editing, and copying as found here:

1. Open the PDF, and do one of the following:

a) Choose Tools > Protect > More Options > Encrypt with Password
 - OR - 
b) Choose File > Protect Using Password, and then choose Advanced Password Protection from More Options.

2. Select “Restrict Editing and Printing of the Document”

3. Type your password in the corresponding field.

4. Select “None” from the Printing Allowed menu

5. Select “None” from the Changes Allowed menu

6. Enable Text Access For Screen Reader Devices For The Visually Impaired

For more details on encryption, please reference

** Note these steps will not prevent screen shots from being possible

Have a question/need assistance?  Contact for help. 


11. Will people visiting the Virtual Poster Expo be able to ask questions or start a discussion?

Yes, the opportunity to have dialogue between visitors and authors will be built into the Virtual Poster Expo by way of a tool called "Disqus".   This feature will be available starting April 21, 2021 with the launch of the Expo.  CNS Is also exploring the possibility of establishing online meeting rooms for poster authors to present their work to others, during a time frame convenient to the Annual Conference. This will be announced in the coming weeks. 

To comment on a Poster and participate in a discussion, you will first need to login to Disqus.  This process is straightforward and there is no cost to use this tool - you can do this by setting up a free Disqus account.  If you have not used Disqus before, you will be asked to verify your ID on your first use.  Author(s) will also need to sign into Disqus.  See Disqus set up instructions HERE.  

IMPORTANT: please subscribe to receive email notifications when a comment is posted so that you can follow along with the discussion. Authors are encouraged to subscribe to ensure response to comments and engagement in discussion in a timely manner.  Enabling an interactive opportunity is a primary goal of the Virtual Poster Expo.

Moderators will be established at CNS to monitor / delete any malicious messaging.

Further instructions and guidance on the comment feature will be announced before launch.  

12. Will posters/abstracts that appear in the Virtual Poster Expo be eligible for Awards?

All accepted abstracts submitted by the January 31, 2021 deadline will be eligible for Oral or Poster Awards, as well as Abstract Awards where applicable. Accepted late-breaking abstracts will appear in the Virtual Poster Expo, but will not be eligible for awards or published in APNM.

13. Will the abstracts chosen for the Oral and Poster Competitions be available on the Virtual Poster Expo?

Yes, the eight finalists for both the Oral and Poster Competitions will be included on the Virtual Poster Expo.  They will be featured on the page before the non-competition posters. 

14. Will the Oral and Poster Competitions take place during the Virtual Annual Conference?

Yes, CNS will offer the Oral Competitions during the CNS virtual Annual Conference:



Poster competition presentations will take place with the panel of judges via a Zoom Meeting on a date TBD. This session(s) will not be open to attendees.

15. Will the "Nutrigraphic" Infographic Competition take during the Virtual Annual Conference?

Yes, the "Nutrigraphic" Infographic Competition will take place during the annual conference. Please reference "Nutrigraphic" - 2021 Annual Conference Infographic Competition for details and submission guidelines. 

16. When will the top three winners of the Oral, Poster and Nutrigraphic Competitions be announced?

The first, second, and third place recipients for the Oral, Poster and Infographic competitions will be announced during the Awards Presentation on Friday, May 7th from 16:50 - 17:30 EST. 

The winners will be showcased via various CNS communications channels, as well as profiled during the CNS 2021 Virtual Annual Conference. Award prizes will be sent to each recipient by mail/courier.

17. Who can I contact for more information?

Please send additional questions to and a CNS staff person will respond to you within 24 hours (Monday to Friday).