David Hammond,

School of Public Health
University of Waterloo

David Hammond is a Professor and University Research Chair in the School of Public Health at the University of Waterloo. His research focuses upon food and nutrition policy, including the areas of nutrition labelling, food marketing, and public education. Professor Hammond also leads international studies in the areas of cannabis, tobacco, and vaping. Professor Hammond works closely with governments around the world and has served as an Advisor for the World Health Organization. Professor Hammond also serves as an Expert Witness in court cases, primarily on behalf of governments defending health regulations from legal challenges by the tobacco, food and cannabis industries. Professor Hammond’s research has been recognized by awards from CIHR, the Canadian Cancer Society, the Canadian Medical Association, the Royal Statistical Society of Canada, and the World Health Organization.

The efficacy and population-level impact of nutrition labelling and taxation to reduce free sugar consumption among youth and adults in Canada.

Excess intake of ‘free-sugars’ increases the risk of obesity and a range of obesity-related diseases. An increasing number of countries are implementing population-level interventions, including taxes and front-of-package nutrition labelling in an effort to reduce free-sugar intake. The presentation will describe findings from three related studies: Study 1 examined the efficacy of FOP labels and a sugar tax on food and beverage purchases, including differences among sub-populations; Study 2 estimated free-sugar intake in the Canadian population; and Study 3 modelled the health and economic burden associated with free-sugar intake in Canada, and the potential benefits of sugar taxation in reducing these health and economic costs. The presentation will discuss implications for Canada's Healthy Eating Strategy and policies being implemented in other countries.