Christine Mulligan, PhD Student

Department of Nutritional Sciences
University of Toronto

Christine Mulligan is a PhD Student in the Department of Nutritional Sciences (Temerty Faculty of Medicine) and a fellow in the Collaborative Specialization in Public Health Policy (Dalla Lana School of Public Health), at the University of Toronto. Her doctoral research aims to measure the extent, nature, and power of child-appealing marketing on food packages in Canada, through the use of a novel coding tool. Other research interests include: examining the influence of stakeholders on the development and implementation of food policy in Canada, the application and development of nutrient profiling models, and dietary assessment.

Lobbying related to Bill S-228 and marketing to kids in Canada

This study examined Canada's Registry of Lobbyists to quantify the extent to which stakeholders lobbied related to M2K and Bill S-228 in different government institutions and with varying ranks of government. Results found that industry stakeholders lobbied government more often, more broadly, and at higher ranking offices than non-industry stakeholders on subjects related to children’s marketing and Bill S-228. Importantly, efforts to increase the transparency of the lobbying registry are needed.