Samara Foisy, Director, Product Development

Director, Product Development
Loblaw Brands

Samara Foisy is director of product development for Loblaw Brands. She holds a Master of Health Science in Community Nutrition from the University of Toronto and is also a registered dietitian. At Loblaw Samara has held both nutrition and product development roles. Her previous experience resides with non-governmental associations such as Health Check and the Nutrition Resource Centre. Over the last 13 years Samara has worked with a variety of industry, government and public health stakeholders who are committed to improving the health of Ontarians. In her spare time Samara enjoys spending time with her daughter, cooking, and collecting wine.

Nudging the Consumer. The Use of Insights to Drive Food Innovation in Retail

From the perspective of the retail market, this presentation will discuss the value proposition of plant-based foods and protein for the Canadian Consumer. The use of consumer insights to drive the production of successful innovation in the retail market and navigation of the current regulatory environment will be highlighted along with opportunities to push the boundaries on plant-based food development.