Leah Gramlich, Medicine

University of Alberta

Dr. Leah Gramlich is a gastroenterologist and physician nutrition specialist. She is the founding president of the Canadian Nutrition Society and current chair of the Canadian Malnutrition Task Force. She is active as a clinician, researcher and educator and is dedicated to optimizing patient care related to nutrition. She values the international expertise that makes excellence in nutrition care a global commodity. Her research interests include malnutrition, ERAS, Intestinal Failure and nutrition education.

Nutrition Support in Medical Inpatients and Developing a Malnutrition Safety Standard

This session will highlight advances in Malnutrition Care. Dr. Nina Kaegi-Braun participated in the EFFORT trial which demonstrated a benefit of tailored nutrition care in medical inpatients and she will share their learnings. Roseanne nasser, Co-chair of CMTF will present work and an update on the status and goal of the newly developed Malnutrition Standard. Both of these presentations will illustrate how we are working to advance nutrition care.