Roseann Nasser, Research Dietitian

Nutrition and Food Services

Roseann Nasser MSc RD FDC CNSC is a research dietitian in the Saskatchewan Health Authority in Regina, Saskatchewan. As co-chair of the Canadian Malnutrition Task Force, she has been instrumental in promoting nutrition care knowledge and optimal practice through research and education activities. Roseann has participated in a number of research studies to prevent, detect and treat malnutrition in hospitalized adults. She was awarded the “Fellow of Dietitians of Canada” for her professional contributions and leadership in dietetics. She has been actively involved in the educational and regulatory pillars of the dietetic profession. Roseanne is a leading member of the working group that developed a National Malnutrition Standard for Canadian Hospitals.

Nutrition Support in Medical Inpatients and Developing a Malnutrition Safety Standard

Did you know that 1 in 3 pediatric patients and 1 in 2 adult patients admitted to hospital are malnourished on admission? Did you also know that if a patient is eating 50% or less and is malnourished, it increases the patient’s length of stay and increases the risk of mortality? The estimated cost of hospital malnutrition is $2 Billion/year (pre-Covid-19 in adults). Hospital malnutrition has existed for a long time in hospitals and in our communities and is often not detected or treated. News stories of Covid-19 have highlighted the importance of malnutrition and many other gaps in our health care system. The Canadian Malnutrition Task Force has been working with the Health Standards Organization to develop a national standard on Malnutrition for hospitals. Prevention, Detection and Treatment are key components of the standard. Come hear about the newly released Malnutrition Standard and the evidence that was the foundation for its development.