Benoit Lamarche, Professor


Dr. BenoƮt Lamarche is the PI of this grant application. He is Full Professor at the School of Nutrition and Chair of Nutrition at Laval University. He is also the Scientific Director of the FRQS-funded Research Center on Nutrition, Health and Society (NUTRISS). He has published more than 390 peer-reviewed papers on physiological, clinical, epidemiological and public health issues related to food and health. He has contributed the training of more than 65 MSc, PhD students and postdocs.

CIHR training platform funding opportunity: partnership with CNS

In this forum, we will discuss and seek further input regarding the CIHR Training platform grant application that will be submitted in June 2021. The grant application involves researchers and trainees from across Canada, with CNS as one of the key partners. The idea behind this training platform is to provide unique opportunities for trainees and early carrer investigators to develop skills that they feel are essential to a successful career.